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  In Motion Fitness

In Motion Fitness:
Voted "Best Health Club in Chico" for 13 years running!

  Vegetarian Times

Vegetarian Times: Environmental Working Group


Alternative Medicine


Alternative Medicine: Learn more about pesticides in foods, especially in the diets of infants and children.


California Certified Organic Farmers

California Certified Organic Farmers: Organization specializing in the certification of organic farms in North America. The organization has a history of implementing organic legislationand supporting public education in promoting the benefits of organic foods.

  Union of Concerned Scientists

Union of Concerned Scientists: Learn more about the risks of genetically modified crops, anitbiotic use in livestock, and other issues that affect our world.



S&S Produce



Chico Natural Foods




Organic Valley Farms
Learn more about the farmers and organic products of the Organic Valley cooperative.

Organic Farming Research Foundation
Learn why and how to support organic farming research.
Learn more about threats to small farms and rural communities and how you can help.

Organic Trade Association
Informative site from the organic industry's trade association.


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