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The MarkensThe Markens Founders of Grilla Bites

Potential Grilla Bites owner:

Grilla Bites is an exceptional, forward-looking concept. Its product is healthy fast food designed to appeal to the same customer base as those who frequent natural food stores such as Whole Foods Market. The product, values, and mission of Grilla Bites inspire customer loyalty and have generated interest among potential restaurant operators.

The goal is to make this business affordable for those who are interested in operating a restaurant business and supporting our mission. By joining together, the entire Grilla Bites team will have a positive impact in each community and eventually in the world.

The goal is to open a Grilla Bites restaurant in the most cost efficient manner possible. One of the most cost effective approaches is to convert closed or discounted restaurants into Grilla Bites. (The Medford, OR, Grilla Bites was a closed restaurant modified for approximately $70,000. The first store in Chico, CA, opened with only $45,000 in modifications of an existing, closed restaurant.) Existing equipment, especially expensive hood systems, made it possible to open these two Grilla Bites so inexpensively.

Individuals, joining together with the established Grilla Bites Company, will reap the benefits of:

  • A restaurant accounting program
  • Building design and development availability (CAD system)
  • Locating restaurant sites or help with conversions
  • Health insurance programs
  • Legal support
  • Recipe development
  • Cost accounting
  • Training
  • Operations manuals
  • P.O.S. (point of sales) system with gift
    cards and on-line ordering and payment
  • Discount purchasing with distributors
  • Systems and contacts for purchasing
    local organic produce
  • A centralized kitchen which will produce breads, dessert items, condiments, soups
  • Discounted equipment purchasing
  • Collaboration with all Grilla Bites members; i.e. Wikigrilla
  • Outreach programs for schools and hospitals
  • Owner’s conferences at The Farm

The number of books on the subjects of health and healthful eating has grown considerably and more of them have become best sellers: John Robbins’, Diet for a New America, Andrew Weil’s many books, The China Study, by T. Colin Campbell to name a few. I have found these new works invaluable in refining our mission and moving forward with our mission. “With these newly interpreted findings, we can enrich or modify our original framework and invest our money and resources where they matter to increase our society’s health. The benefits of understanding these principles are wide-ranging and profound for individuals, societies, our fellow animals and our planet.” (from The China Study, by T. Colin Campbell)

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to view the business plan.

Thank you for your courtesies extended.

Yours truly,

Fred Marken, CEO

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