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Lightlife: the maker of Fakin Bacon and Foney Baloney

Melissa’s: imports and distributes exotic fresh fruits and vegetables from around the globe

Stonyfield Farm: delicious and healthy yogurt, cultured soy, frozen yogurt and ice cream.
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Vegetarian Journal: Vegetarian Resource Group. The practical magazine for those interested in Vegetarian Health, Ecology, and Ethics. Great Listing of Recipes indexed quarterly since 1993.

Earth Bound Farms Recipes: Simple dishes—easy to prepare with fresh, healthy ingredients that intensify the exquisite natural flavors of our fresh produce, grown in harmony with nature.

Pam's Kitchen features monthly recipes for seasonal organic cooking.

New Century Nutrition: Healthy Recipes & Nutrition Resources - Making the transition to a diet rich in plant foods can make an important difference in the world food supply and the environment as well as your personal health.

Organic and Natural News: Gourmet cooking with Herb vinegars, are catching on as well are fruit vinegars (made from raspberries and blueberries) and rice vinegar, which is commonly used in Japanese (most commonly in sushi dishes) and Chinese cooking.

Horizon Organic: One of the top priorities of Horizon is the fair and sage treatment of animals.


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